“Zombie Attack” Road Signs a Hoax: FDOT

A hacker changed road signs in Gainesville to say there was a zombie attack in the area

With no football national title to look forward to, it looks like a Florida Gator fan has decided to signal the apocalypse. Again.

Months after the Gators created an emergency preparedness plan that instructed students on what to do in case zombies overran the campus, someone hacked into the state Department of Transportation computer system and changed electronic road signs to say zombies were attacking Gainesville.

The messages popped up around Gainesville on Monday morning with a simple message. "ZOMBIE ATTACK!! EVACUATE."

If students had their zombie manuals, they would have known just what to do. Luckily, no one panicked and Gainesville was not evacuated.

Gina Busscher, of the Florida Department of Transportation, said Monday's message was a hoax by someone who hacked the sign via telephone or on site. No zombies have been seen on University Avenue, she said.

That takes a load off our minds.

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