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Zoo Miami Provides Intimate Look into Lives of Bald Eagles with New Live Cam

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Zoo Miami has officially launched its live Bald Eagle Cam.

In collaboration with the Ron Magill Conservation Endowment and Wildlife Rescue of Dade County, the world can now go online for free and connect to the livestream for an intimate look at the lives of a bonded pair of bald eagles as they continue to build their nest and raise young to become the next generation of these majestic creatures.

This is one of the few eagle nest cams in the world that will allow viewers to see the behaviors that lead up to the actual construction of the nest, in addition to the hopeful laying of eggs and rearing of chicks, Zoo Miami said in a news release.

It must be noted that although it is hoped that this pair of eagles will be able to successfully raise offspring, nature can often be cruel. 

Zoo Miami warns viewers that it will have no influence or control over the behaviors of these birds and there are many things that can go wrong. For unknown reasons, the parents may abandon the nest, lay eggs that never hatch or get eaten, or if eggs do hatch, the hatchlings may not survive.

The parents may even bring back prey that viewers may find disturbing and the feeding of that prey to the eaglets can be quite graphic.

In an effort to help ensure the safety, security and privacy of the nest, Zoo Miami is not disclosing the exact location of the nest as any disturbance could cause the parents to abandon it.

To connect to the livestream, click here.

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