Zoo Miami’s Danda-Loo, Oldest Koala in North America, Dies

060115 danda-loo zoo miami koala
Zoo Miami

The oldest Koala in North America and Europe has died at Zoo Miami, officials said.

Danda-Loo, a female koala that was nearly 20 years old, was euthanized at the zoo on Saturday after battling health issues for the past several months.

A normal life span for a female koala is between 13-18 years. Danda-Loo had undergone laser therapy for severe arthritis and experienced significant weight loss as her appetite continued to diminish.

"Despite supplemental feeding, and pain medication therapy, she continued to experienced significant weight loss and normal daily activity had become extremely difficult, if not impossible," zoo officials said in a statement.

The koala was born at Busch Gardens in Tampa in 1995 and came to Zoo Miami in 2007 as part of the Koala Education and Conservation Program managed by the San Diego Zoo.

Zoo Miami's koala exhibit will remain empty until another becomes available through the conservation program.

"The loss of Danda-Loo is bittersweet in that we will miss her and her passing will leave a void that will result in profound sadness but we are also quite proud to know that we provided the love and care that enabled this beautiful animal to become one of the oldest koalas in the world where for many years she inspired countless visitors to care about the wonders of wildlife," the statement said.

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