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Zoo Miami's Sumatran Tiger Cub Passes Swim Test

Zoo Miami's Sumatran tiger cub is a natural in the water!

Baby Satu passed his swimming test with flying colors Thursday.

The swim test is essential for Satu, as the tiger exhibit is surrounded by a deep moat. For his own safety, Satu needed to prove that should he fall into the moat, he'd be able to swim safely to the sides until he could be assisted by staff.

Zoo employees placed Satu in a pool that mimicked the conditions of the moat. Much to their delight, he quickly came to the surface and swam to the side.

Now that he's proven that he's a natural in the water, Satu can join his mom Leelo in the exhibit.

Satu will be introduced to the tiger exhibit within the next several days.

Satu's birth marked the first Sumatran tiger birth at Zoo Miami, and only the fourth in the United States last year.

Researchers believe there are fewer than 500 of the endangered Sumatran tigers in the wild.

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