Martial Arts Studio Owner Facing Seven New Video Voyeurism Charges, More Expected

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The owner of a martial arts studio in Pembroke Pines was arrested earlier this month after hidden cameras were found in the bathroom. Now now he’s facing seven additional charges of video voyeurism.

“Because of the nature of the offenses involving small children, the charges are now second degree felonies,” a prosecutor with the State Attorney's office could be heard at the bond hearing.

After locating new victims, investigators say Robert Franco has been filming girls as young as three years-old with hidden cameras.

On Friday, Franco stood before a bond court judge for the second time this month.

“This case has changed significantly judge, just to point out from the arrest affidavit, this case involves children from three to six years old,” the prosecutor said.

Weeks ago he was arrested after a 17-year-old female student noticed hidden cameras inside the Master Franco’s Taekwondo Academy.

The 64-year-old is the owner and an instructor at the martial arts academy.

According to police, the student snapped a photo and then confronted Franco, then he destroyed the cameras right after.

"It’s really alarming knowing that kids are going there,” a shopper at the complex said.

Since the arrest, Franco’s name has been removed from the window and the studio’s website has been taken down.

If convicted, Franco can face the maximum jail time.

“He was looking at a maximum sentence of 20 years now he’s looking at a maximum sentence of 115 years,” the prosecutor.

The judge did grant Robert Franco a $175,000 dollar bond and investigators say they are still in the process of identifying other victims and believe more charges will come. 

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