Miami PD Chief Acevedo Faces City Manager Deadline For Plan To Improve Performance

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Miami Police Chief Art Acevedo has less than 24 hours to respond to a hand-delivered letter from Miami City Manager Art Noriega. 

The chief acknowledged receiving the letter Thursday, the day before an explosive special commissioners meeting on Friday dealing with the chief’s future. 

“If not to shut his big mouth," Miami Commissioner Joe Carollo said, expressing concerns about the chief’s performance just a few months into Acevedo’s tenure.

The letter gives the chief a Monday deadline to submit plans on how to improve several issues laid out by Noriega.

The letter says, in part “the very public, personal and insensitive comments which permeate national media have decreased officer morale, and continues to threaten the public’s confidence in the ability of the [miami police department] to carry out directives related to public safety.”

Noriega’s letter then directs the chief to respond with an action plan by the close of business Monday, a plan Noriega says should address five issues, including: changes or reforms to the policing plan, management structure, officer morale, a plan for how Miami MPD and Acevedo will interact with the media and plans to repair relationships with elected officials. 

The chief’s relationships with elected leaders was on display in Friday’s special commissioners meeting. 

Acevedo penned an eight page memo a week before Friday’s meeting accusing Carollo and others of standing in the way of the department’s reform efforts, and interfering with a confidential internal investigation. 

Carollo denied the allegations.

“I went practically one by one on the main allegations he gave,” Carollo said. “They’re lies. They’re not true and the manager asked for certain backups, he couldn’t provide them.” 

Carollo even went as far as to say he felt his personal safety was being threatened by the chief.

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