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30 Years for Heroin Dealer Connected to 3 Deaths



    Heroin Dealer Sentenced

    A drug dealer has been sentenced to 30 years in prison. Prosecutors say his heroin killed at least three people in Fairfax County. (Published Friday, April 18, 2014)

    A D.C. man who distributed heroin that resulted in the deaths of at least three people in Fairfax County, Va., was sentenced Friday to 30 years in prison.

    Eugene Asomani “Shine” Williams pleaded guilty in January. He admitted distributing heroin in Virginia, Maryland and D.C. between 2004 and September 2013.

    Williams, 35, also admitted Joshua Pearson, 33; Kara Schachinger, 22; and Timothy Huffman, a 23-year-old solider at Fort Belvoir, each died from using heroin he distributed.

    Ann Schachinger's daughter Kara drowned in her bathtub in early 2012 after taking heroin she got from Williams, her dealer.

    "I can't put all the blame on him, but he certainly does bear a responsibility," Schachinger said.

    “Williams peddled a dangerous drug and inflicted untold damage to the victims, their families, and our communities,” U.S. Attorney Dana Boente said. “This case exemplifies the cooperative efforts of federal, state and local law enforcement to combat this pernicious crime.”

    Williams' defense attorney, Todd Baldwin, is planning to appeal the judge's decision.

    "To sentence someone based on the unforeseeable, unintended outcome, more than what normal drug dealing gets a sentence for, I think is just unfortunate," he said.