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Man Involved With Hernandez Investigation Held on $1 Million After Club Shooting

Alexander Bradley has multiple gunshot wounds on his leg, according to police.



    Man Involved With Hernandez Investigation Held on $1 Million After Club Shooting
    Hartford Police,
    Alexander Bradley has been arrested on weapons violations in connection with a shooting at a bar in Hartford.

    A man who alleges he was shot by former New England Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez is being held in jail on $1 million bond after an arrest on several firearms charges related to a weekend shootout that left him injured.

    Hartford police Lt. Brian Foley said Alexander Bradley, was shot three times in the leg after the Super Bowl on Sunday night at the Vevo Lounge Bar & Grill. The 30-year-old East Hartford resident also fired shots in the incident and was taken to a hospital after police stopped him from fleeing in a car.

    They said the incident, which occurred at about 11 p.m., started with an altercation over money in the bar and turned violent once it spilled outside. 

    Video indicates that Bradley then went to his car, got a gun and started shooting into the bar, police said.  Bradley fired a total of 11 shots, police said. The gun was stolen, according to police.

    "Right on the door you can see him pulling trying to get in, holding the gun. He went out to the street and fired shots into the glass and into the door of the night club. Internal video shows several patrons diving and running for cover as shots are fired into the club," Foley said.

    When police arrived at the scene, Bradley was fleeing from the scene in a car, police said.

    During a news conference on Monday afternoon, Foley said Bradley's cousin, Kenneth Walker, a Department of Correction employee, was driving the car. Officers pulled it over and Bradley fell out of the vehicle.

    Walker was hired on Dec. 13 and was working in a test period as a cadet. He was let go for off-duty conduct on Feb 3, according to the Department of Correction/

    He will not face any charges, police said.

    An ambulance then took Bradley to Hartford Hospital to be treated for non-life-threatening injuries.

    The driver of the vehicle was Bradley's cousin, an employee of the state Department of Correction, according to police.  Investigators did not identify the driver, but said he was terminated from his job on Monday.  A call to the Department of Correction was not immediately returned.

    When Bradley was released from the hospital on Monday, he was taken to Hartford Police Headquarters, but had to be brought back for medical help because of complications from being shot in the leg.  

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    Police are looking for the first shooter.

    Bradley has been charged with criminal possession of a firearm, criminal use of a firearm, reckless endangerment in the first degree, unlawful discharge of a firearm, stealing a firearm and obliterated serial numbers on a firearm.

    On Monday afternoon, police said Bradley's arraignment has been canceled for medical reasons.  It was held on Tuesday.

    Bradley is involved with an ongoing investigation into Hernandez.

    When asked if this shooting is connected to the Hernandez case, Foley said he would not be at liberty to discuss it if it was.

    "Obviously, as a matter of standard protocol, we are contact with the Boston Police Homicide. I spoke to them earlier. ... But that's standard in any investigation when someone's involved in another investigation in a municipality, we contact them" Foley said.

    Bradley is facing several weapons charges, including possession of a stolen firearm, police said. Bond is set at $500,000.

    His attorney said Bradley is the victim in the case.

    Last year, Bradley filed a lawsuit in Florida alleging that the former NFL star lost an eye when Hernandez shot him outside a Miami club.

    According to court records, Bradley claims Hernandez shot him after they argued at the club in February. Bradley seeks at least $100,000 in damages.

    Boston police also said Bradley was with Hernandez in an SUV when someone inside fatally shot two people in 2012, according to recently released documents. No charges have been filed.

    Hernandez is detained on a murder charge in a killing last June near his North Attleboro, Mass., home.