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Distasteful Halloween Decor Scares Up Controversy



    Halloween Decor Gets Too Real

    9-1-1 calls were placed in one Oklahoma town because of life-like Halloween decorations. (Published Thursday, Oct. 24, 2013)

    Halloween decorations give homeowners the opportunity to express their love for the holiday with often-grisly decor. This year, though, some decorations have neighbors up in arms with concerns that displays are frightening, unnecessary or unsafe.

    Here is a roundup of some decor that is making waves this year:


    Residents of the quiet North Carolina town of Waxhaw are starting to debut their Halloween decorations but one home's quirky choice of decor is slightly different from the rest.

    John Mazur decided to decorate his yard with anti-Obamacare-themed Halloween decorations.

    The front lawn of his home, in addition to being adorned by ghosts and faux-cobwebs, has graves painted with "U.S. Economy R.I.P," "American Healthcare" and "Socialized Medicine," among others.

    While Mazur chose to decorate his home with a decidedly political message, the veterinarian said he is not a political activist.

    Anti- Obamacare Halloween Decorations Cause Stir

    [NATL]Anti- Obamacare Halloween Decorations Cause Stir
    The front lawn of John Mazur's home, in addition to being adorned by ghosts and faux-cobwebs, has graves painted with "U.S. Economy R.I.P," "American Healthcare" and "Socialized Medicine," among others.
    (Published Wednesday, Oct. 23, 2013)

    “For those who disagree, or for some reason think Obamacare works for them, I hope they appreciate the tongue and cheek aspect also,“ Mazur told WCNC.


    One Oklahoma family shocked their neighbors with realistic Halloween Decorations.

    When the Mullins family decided to go "all-out" for Halloween this year and decorate their driveway with what appeared to be two dead bodies, they never expected neighbors to call 9-1-1, according to WMTV.

    "Scare people, that's what I like to do," said Johnnie Mullins, who owns the home, in an AP interview.

    The family was inspired by decorating tips from the social media site Pinterest.


    Residents of Brooklyn's Bergen street are complaining about a Halloween display that features some macabre images of baby dolls, NBC New York reported.

    The scary scene features mutilated dolls scattered across the lawn, covered in fake blood and in various states of gore. There is also a jack-o-lantern headed surgeon who seems to be performing a rather unsuccessful operation on a doll hooked up to an IV.

    "This is some sick, twisted-minded stuff," said Valerie Bell, who lives nearby.

    So far, no calls to the police have been made and the decorations remain in place.


    Wayne Ganges has been decorating his Clifton, N.J. home with ghosts, goblins and zombies for the past 13 years. His impressive display features decorations that cover nearly every inch of his home's corner lot, including trees and lighting fixtures on the curb.

    Now, the municipality is claiming that the decorations are causing traffic and safety issues due to the number of spectators that come to his home to look at the display, according to a report by NBC New York.

    Ganges was asked to remove the portion of his display that is on city property. He decided to take down all decorations, saying there "was no point" if he was going to be forced to remove such a large portion.

    Some neighbors are happy that the display is being removed citing reduced traffic issues making the neighborhood safer. Others hope that Ganges will reconsider and comply with city regulations.