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RNC Names Dallas, Cleveland as 2016 Finalists to Host Convention



    RNC Names Dallas, Cleveland as 2016 Finalists to Host Convention
    NBC 5 News

    Dallas and Cleveland were named finalists to host the Republican National Committee's 2016 presidential nominating convention.

    The committee will announce where it's holding the convention in August.

    After Wednesday's meeting, Enid Mickelson, chairwoman of the Republican National Committee site-selection committee released a statement commending the two cities for their "ability to hold a phenomenal convention."

    Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings said his city provides superior features.

    “I believe we get some of the best scores across all the aspects,” Rawlings said. “We’re strong in almost every one — money, safety, amenities, the hotels, the convenience, our airports.”

    In addition to Cleveland, Dallas was up against Denver and Kansas City, Missouri.

    Earlier Wednesday morning, KUSA-TV reported Wednesday that sources closed to Denver's efforts to win the convention said the GOP would announce Dallas as its pick or that Dallas and Denver are the only cities still in the running. National officials with the RNC reportedly disputed that claim and said the venue decision had not been made.

    Rawlings declined to comment on those early reports.

    "Until I get a call from my customer that says we want to go with you, I don’t consider anything done," he said.

    Dallas rolled out the red carpet for members of the site-selection committee two weeks ago, it was the GOP's final stop in the selection process.

    Dallas leaders took members on a tour through Victory Plaza and the American Airlines Center, the arena that would serve as the convention site if Dallas' bid is successful.

    Organizers wanted to show the committee how excited Dallas would be to host the convention and played up the AAC's proximity to hotels.

    Rawlings said Dallas would benefit from the national attention of a political convention.

    He said visitors at the U.S. Conference of Mayors Convention last weekend were impressed with the new Dallas.

    “People get to experience it in a new way, and they go, ‘Wow, you’ve really improved this city immensely.’, ” Rawlings said.

    Mickelson said that party officials had already ruled out AT&T Stadium, the Dallas Cowboy's home venue in Arlington, because it's too remote from convention hotels and support resources in Dallas.

    Rawlings said Dallas will continue working to impress the Republican decision makers until the final selection is made.

    “I love people coming, spending money, being in our hotels. Forget about the party. This is a nonpartisan issue to sell Dallas,” Rawlings said.

    Past Associated Press articles were used for this report. NBC 5's Ken Kalthoff contributed to this report.