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Video Shows Family's Dog Being Snatched Outside Home

The Staten Island family is hoping to be reunited with their elderly, sick Yorkie



    A Staten Island family searching for their missing sick dog is hoping security video taken outside their home will help bring back their beloved teacup Yorkie. Stacey Bell reports. (Published Tuesday, May 6, 2014)

    A Staten Island family searching for their sick dog is hoping security video showing him being scooped up outside their home will lead them to their beloved teacup Yorkie. 

    Angela Pennachio says Rusty was playing in her backyard with the other family dog when he apparently made his way through a tiny opening in the fence. Pennachio realized the 11-year-old Rusty was missing when he didn't answer her calls. 

    She checked her home security video and saw that a stranger "looked around quick, scooped him up and walked away with him." 

    At 2.5 pounds, Rusty may look like a puppy and his size may have made him an easy target for someone looking to walk away with him, according to Pennachio. The family is especially worried about Rusty because of his poor health.

    "He goes into seizures for sometimes 35, 45 minutes," said Pennachio. "He really needs to be taken care of and be home."

    The man's face isn't clear on the video.

    Neighbors say people normally look out for each other in their family-oriented community.

    "If I saw a dog running, we would grab it, bring it and try to find its home," said Lisa Murray. 

    "It's frightening," said Ginger Manganaro. "I have a dog of my own and she's like part of the family." 

    The Pennachio family has plastered flyers all over their New Dorp Beach neighborhood, and they're hoping someone will be able to help bring Rusty home. 

    -- Stacey Bell contributed to this report.