Alec Baldwin's Love Interests Will Meet in “30 Rock” Finale

After losing its footing ever so briefly, "30 Rock" is firing on all cylinders and heading into next week's season finale with momentum.

With a promised appearance by a pilot-suit wearing Matt Damon and with Alec Baldwin's competing love interests squaring off at last -- how could it possibly be anything but sublime?

Elizabeth Banks, who plays Baldwin's beloved, feisty cable news anchor Avery Jessup on the show, says she will return for the finale and meet her rival, played by Julianne Moore.

In Thursday's episode, the two were an elevator car away from each other in a very uncomfortable scene for Baldwin's character Jack Donaghy. This time they'll meet.

"Julianne Moore and I do have a scene together," says Banks. "I don't know if it's quite the face-off you're expecting. But we do meet in the finale."

In Thursday's episode, we also saw Avery saying goodbye to Donaghy for the weekend as she went on her annual PMS retreat. But Banks says her character will return, even if she is more-than-slightly cranky.

And while Banks' fantastic arc on the show is clearly coming to an end, she doesn't rule out a return. "With this show especially, you never know what the writers are going to do or what direction they want to take things. It's not quite wrapped up. It's open-ended at the end of the season as to what's going to happen."

While not wanting to overplay the joke, this character has been fantastic. We can only hope that return is very, very soon.

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