WATCH: Arnold Schwarzenegger, Fallon Host Fake QVC Segment

Arnold Schwarzenegger showed off his funny side in a fake QVC segment on "The Tonight Show."

But first, Fallon talked to Schwarzenegger about the last time the two spent time together. They smoked cigars at a secret club "under six layers of earth," as Fallon described it. However, the former governor of California was not happy with the late night host's smoking technique.

"You were yelling at me 'Stop lighting! Stop lighting! You lit it already!'" Fallon said in his best Schwarzenegger impression.

"Well, because your sleeve was on fire," the "Terminator" actor said.

Then, Fallon talked about Schwarzenegger's unique charity. The 66-year-old is offering a raffle winner the chance to ride with him in a tank and crush things.

"That's the best thing in the whole wide world," Fallon said, "but then I thought I could never get a tank. How did you get a tank?"

"This is the very tank I drove in the Austrian army when I was 18-years-old. Decades later, I thought they probably don't need it anymore," Schwarzenegger said. "So I asked the Austrian army if I could have it back."

Schwarzenegger explained he had to get permission from the Austrian army, the Pentagon, and the American military. A little bit of time and $20,000 later, he had the tank for himself.

"I'm very passionate about afterschool programs," Schwarzenegger said, explaining that he has raised over a million dollars with his charity, which will receive the proceeds from the ride along raffle.

Next, the "Sabotage" star joined Fallon for a fake QVC segment. 

Fallon introduced two products: a blender and a vegetable chopper. As Fallon showed off the blender, Schwarzenegger insisted they move on to the chopper.

"Let's get to the chopper!"  Schwarzenegger yelled, a nod to his 1987 sci-fi action film "Predator."

Schwarzenegger then flipped over their display table.

"Uh, we'll be back," Fallon said.

"I'll be back," Schwarzenegger said, an allusion to "Terminator."

Watch the segment above.

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