Aronofsky Wants $130 Million for Noah's Ark Film

When your tiny little $12-million ballet thriller makes more than $300 million globally, you can find yourself suddenly cowering from the tyranny of choice. Suddenly, everyone in Hollywood wants you to do everything, and blows so much smoke up your backside that half of the projects sound pretty good--until the next one comes along.

But now that Darren Aronofsky has had a chance to consider and reject every script in LA-LA Land, and catch his breath, it seems he's following his heart. He's trying to find a home for the epic story "Noah," about a man and his boat, a project that the director has been working on since he was a teenager.

So far New Regency has expressed an interest in ponying up half of the film's $130-million price tag, according to Deadline, with Paramount, Fox, and Summit are in the hunt to buy in on the other half.

Aronofsky started in on this thing since he was 13, and has talked about it periodically over the years. And in February, frustrated over not being able sell Hollywood on the film, he decided to try to generate interest by making the story into a comic book, to be drawn by Nico Henrichon ("Prince of Baghdad"). Check out the trailer for the comic below: 

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