“Avatar” Coming To DVD Next Month, But Only In 2D


Are you one of those folks who simply cannot wait another second to return to Pandora, that magical blue world where you can ride pterodactyls and make out with your ponytail? Well, soon a trip to Pandora will be available right in your living room. It’s true! Fox announced that “Avatar,” the highest-grossing film of all time, will be available on DVD on April 22. It’s no coincidence that April 22 also happens to be Earth Day, what with the movie’s eco-friendly messaging.

However, there is a catch to this for all you giddy Avatards out there. The DVD will only be available in 2D. That’s right. No groovy 3D glasses for you. No full immersion. No, “Hey, that one thing really does look like it’s behind that other thing!” experience. Also, according to Entertainment Weekly's Popwatch:

The home version of James Cameron’s f/x-a-palooza will only be available in 2-D. Additionally, the $29.98 DVD and $39.99 Blu-Ray will not come packed with extras — or any extras at all — because both Cameron and the studio wanted to deliver the film in all of its ground-breaking digital glory, which, of course, takes up precious disc space. Nevertheless, Fox says that a loaded, multi-disc edition will hit stores in November.

No doubt that multi-disc edition will only be made available after the theatrical re-release of the flick. So if you’re looking for the full “Avatar” experience, and all indications are that the movie should really only be seen in 3D and on the biggest screen/building side you can find, you may want to wait until November for the real deal. Until then, of course, “Avatar” is still playing at many of your local multiplexes. Or you can read the fan fiction. It’s riveting stuff.

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