Baby Moose Baby Moose Rescued by Good Samaritans After Being Stranded in Snow Is Put Down

A baby moose that was rescued by a group of good Samaritans after it was trapped in a snowy Maine field has reportedly been put down because it was sick.

The Portland Press Herald reports the calf, which nine people rescued in Crouseville on Monday, was put down after game wardens observed the moose was showing signs of lungworm.

Photos of the rescue were shared on Facebook by Barbetta Ann Bowker Turner.

Lauren Allen, whose husband helped in the effort, told WCSH-TV that it’s not the first time the moose has gotten stuck.

"I know a bunch of folks helped it last week too," she said.

The group, which included game wardens by the end of the effort, were eventually able to dig the calf out and get it back on stable ground.

"They loaded her up on a flat sled and got her out,” Allen said.

However, Maine Warden Service Cpl. John MacDonald told the Press Herald that there were signs the moose wasn't doing well at that point.

After they reportedly moved the moose to a secluded area near a home, the homeowners informed wardens that the animal hadn't moved afterwards. Returning wardens then noticed the symptoms of lungworm.

"It was pretty apparent the moose was very labored in breathing," MacDonald told the Press Herald.

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