Sequel for “The Dude” Unlikely

The Big Lebowski

The Dude likely won't have an encore.

The guys behind the 1998 comedy The Big Lewbowski are pushing back on requests to create a sequel.

"We don't see it yet," one of the brothers of the writing/directing duo, Ethan Coen, told MTV.

"That movie has more of an enduring fascination for other people than it does for us," his brother added.

Co-star John Turtorro has been pushing for the project, which would return bowling child molester Jesus Quintana to the big screen.

"We have a sketch idea, but they have to sit down with me, and they have to like, knock it out, but I'm hoping that someday that, within a couple of years, maybe five years, the jumpsuit will return," Turtorro said in June.

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