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Stars Hit the Red Carpet for ‘Big Little Lies' Season 2 Premiere

Meryl Streep joins the cast for season two of the fan favorite show

Now that "Game of Thrones" is over, HBO's "Big Little Lies" is hoping to fill that void on your DVR.

While the cast isn't back in Monterey (just a few more weeks!), they are living it up in New York City for the Season 2 premiere of the fan-favorite HBO show. Aside from the main key players gracing the red carpet--Reese Witherspoon, Nicole Kidman, Zoe Kravitz, Adam Scott, Laura Dern, Meryl Streep and Shailene Woodley--several celebs also attended the event...including Keegan Michael Key, Gina Gershon and Lily Rabe.

Streep joins the cast as the grieving mother of Perry (Alexander Skarsgård), whose death was at the center of the first season. Now she's come to Monterey for answers, and instead she's just finding a group of women who aren't talking but who are slowly unraveling in the wake of the thing they're not talking about.

Zoe Kravitz Says Big Little Lies Stars Still Get Nervous

Series creator and writer David E. Kelley gave Entertainment Weekly a few insights into the new season, which digs into the aftermath of Perry's death, caused by Bonnie (Kravitz), when she saw him getting aggressive with Celeste (Kidman). Celeste and Bonnie in particular are wrestling with what just happened and the lie they've all told about it, but they're not the only ones.

"We left off with a lie, so it would have been disingenuous not to mine that lie for all its malignancy," Kelley told EW. "It's going to result in more skewed fractures and fissures in the friendships between the women, some of the marriages, and some of the individual psyches."

The HBO series returns June 9 at 9 p.m..

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