Bill Clinton on Letterman: No Idea About Hillary’s 2016 Run

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Former President Bill Clinton admitted to David Letterman Monday night that he doesn't know whether his wife, Hillary Clinton, is planning a run for the White House in 2016.

"There's a lot of stuff out there," Clinton said, telling Letterman that the former secretary of state is still finishing her book and setting up a new project initiative.

But most of all, the former president said he and his wife are having a lot of fun, going to movies and for walks in the time since she stepped down as secretary of state in February.

"At our age, that counts for something – being able to have a little fun," Clinton said.

It's the first time in years that both of the Clintons do not hold elected office, have time to focus on pet project and not being in the limelight. Last spring, they joined forces along with their daughter, Chelsea, to forge a partnership in the Clinton Global Initiative.

The non-profit foundation is in New York City for its annual meeting this week, with President Barack Obama joining forces with Bill Clinton for a discussion about the benefits and future of health care reform in America and health care access across the world on Tuesday.

During his talk with Letterman, Clinton spoke of some of the CGI initiatives concerning global health including getting people access to clean drinking water.

"I get to deal with a lot of these things that are ignored," he said.   

As for his wife's rumored 2016 presidential run, Clinton said he doesn't know, nor does his daughter. But he asked that instead of focusing on who the next president might be – with nearly three years until the next election – the nation should consider focusing on fixing the nation's current problems.

"We should focus on these big challenges now and try to get this country back on track," he said.

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