WATCH: Bill Cosby Carries Jimmy Fallon on a Tightrope Walk on “The Tonight Show”

Bill Cosby played by his own rules during his appearance on "The Tonight Show."

Just as he did last year on "Late Night," Bill Cosby took over when he paid Jimmy Fallon a visit on "The Tonight Show."

When Cosby walked out, he looked confused. He walked to The Roots and whispered, "I was called and they told me they wanted me to do the 'Tonight Show'."

"We are the 'Tonight Show'," Fallon said. "Oh, Bill I think I know what's happening. That's not Doc Severinsen. This is a different band."

Doc Severinsen was the trumpeter for Johnny Carson's "Tonight Show" until he retired.

The Roots joined in on the fun, intermittently playing the theme music from the science fiction series "The Twilight Zone."

Fallon asked Cosby to sit but the comedian kept standing and going on tangents, telling the audience a story about a music icon.

"Stevie Wonder is a prankster," Cosby said. The 76-year-old explained that the singer will have someone with sight along with him when people visit. The sighted person will tell Stevie what the person is wearing and Stevie will mention features of the person's outfit.

Cosby also told The Roots to play his intro music again, to which they obliged. Afterward, he told a member of the band that he sounded like a man he remembered who sang outside of Manhattan jazz bar "Blue Note" begging for change.

Finally, Fallon told Cosby that he would be the first "Tonight Show" guest to tightrope walk across tape on the floor with a pole. 

While fussing, Cosby walked with the pole with Fallon on his back.

Watch the hilarious tightrope walk above.

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