Reel Lives: Limbaugh's Life to Be “‘Citizen Kane' Meets ‘Private Parts'”

Hollywood loves a true story. Check out these upcoming documentaries.

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Untitled John Belushi Biopic, 201?
Hangover director Todd Phillips has gotten the blessing of the comedy legend's widow to bring his life to the silver screen; hopefully it will help us all forget Wired.
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The Rush Limbaugh Story: Talent on Loan from God
Rights to the unauthorized biography have been optioned and a script is in the works, which producer Peter Scalfani promises will be "Citizen Kane meets Private Parts."
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Winnie, 2011
Jennifer Hudson is set to star in a film about Winnie Mandela, the controversial wife of South African freedom fighter Nelson Mandela -- who will be played by Terence Howard. Ms. Mandela is said to be unhappy with the warts-and-all portrayal of her in the script.
Fair Game, 2010
Naomi Watts and Sean Penn (bottom) play Valerie Plame and Joe Wilson, respectively, in director Doug Liman's film about the Bush Administration outing her as a CIA agent as punishment for her husband's challenge of the intel that lead in part to the Iraq War.
Marvin Gaye, 2011
In addition to Nelson Mandeal, Terrence Howard is eying the role of the great Marvin Gaye in a film that writer-director Cameron Crowe has been developing for more than three years. “Everybody who loves music will hate me if I get this one wrong," says Howard.
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Nina, 2012
Mary J. Blige will play Nina Simone, one of the truly under-appreciated greats of 20th Century music and the civil rights movement. At least they hired someone who can sing, whether or not Blige has the acting chops remains to be seen.
Ghoulishly Yours, William M Gaines, 2011
Director John Landis is lining up the money to make a film about Bill Gaines, the man who founded Mad magazine after he was forced out of the comic book business for his candid testimony before Congress during hearings about juvenile delinquency.
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Untitled Keith Richards Documentary, 2011
Johnny Depp is filming a Keith Richards documentary. Do you really need a title? Depp explains the film is "something we did in five days" and is basically "exactly what Keith and I have been doing over the years -- Just sit around in hotel rooms, gabbing, having a drink and we documented it."
What A Wonderful World, 2011
Forest Whitaker, who has already portrayed jazz great Charlie Parker in Bird, is set to star in and direct an upcoming film about Louis Armstrong. "It covers his whole life, but more from a myth point of view - it's told as two different myths of the same person," he told Empire.
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Untitled Brigitte Bardot Biopic, 2011
There's been little headway made on this project, but how hard could it be to make a great movie about this woman?
Gainsbourg, vie héroïque, 2010
Well, at least part of her life story will be told in this film about her one-time love interest, the great singer-songwriter Serge Gainsbourg, which was unveiled at the Tribeca Film Festival.
Untitled James Brown Biopic, 2011
Spike Lee has written a script he plans to direct himself about the Godfather of Soul, but the coveted lead role has yet to be cast.
Untitled Mike Tyson Biopic, 2012
Jamie Foxx and Taylor Hackford, the pair that brought you the Oscar-winning Ray, are said to be teaming up again to bring the life of former heavyweight champ Iron Mike Tyson to the big screen, though Foxx would have to add 50+ pounds of muscle, which seems like a reach.
Untitled Steve McQueen Biopic,
Brad Pitt has been rumored to be taking the lead in this film based on Marshall Terrill's biography Steve McQueen: Portrait of an American Rebel.
Untitled Sugar Ray Leonard Biopic,
Buzz Bissinger, the journalist whose writings gave rise to Friday Night Lights and Shattered Glass, has written a script about the famed boxer and pitchman, that Kevin Pollak hopes to produce.
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Alfred Hitchcock and the Making of Psycho, 201?
Anthony Hopkins was "confirmed" to play the great British director as far back as 2007, with Ryan Murphy (Glee, Nip/Tuck) co-writing the screenplay. Who knows if this will ever happen.
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Lincoln, 2010
From producer-director Steven Spielberg comes this film based on the biography by Doris Kearns Goodwin. Not to be confused with Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter."
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Mark Twain and Mary Baker Eddy, 201?
Val Kilmer (?) hopes to produce, direct and star in a film recounting the great humorist's fight against Christian Science and its founder.
The Rise of Theodore Roosevelt, 2011
Leonardo DiCaprio is rumored to be eying the lead role in what could be yet another collaboration with director Marin Scorsese. And if that's not enough for you...
Richard Pryor: Is It Something I Said?, 2011
Marlon Wayans is set to star as the great stand-up comedian in a film to be written and directed by Bill Condon, the Oscar-winning writer of Gods and Monsters, and co-produced by Chris Rock and Adam Sandler.
Untitled Kurt Cobain Project, 2011
Writer-director Oren Moverman, whose screenplay for The Messenger received an Oscar nomination this year, is onboard to bring the Nirvana frontman to the silver screen. Be careful, Oren, this is sacred ground for some of us.
Sinatra, 2011
DiCaprio and Scorsese are eying the Chairman of the Board for the silver screen. Scorsese has already said that if it happens, there's no way they'll have Leo sing.
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Pawn Sacrifice, 2013
David Fincher is planning to direct a film about mercurial chess champ Bobby Fischer, focusing on his preparation for his 1972 Cold War proxy battle against Boris Spassky. Tobey Maguire has signed on to star.
Nowhere Boy, 2010
Between his lead role in Kick Ass and his turn as a young John Lennon in this film about the great Beatle's formative years, Aaron Johnson, above, is poised for a massive breakout. Kristin Scott Thomas gives a great performance as Lennon's aunt, Mimi Smith.
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Jackie, 2013
Daniel Aronofsky will be directing domestic partner Rachel Weisz in a film about the first lady's life in the wake of her husband's assassination, contrary to reports that Steven Spielberg was planning a made-for-TV film.
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I Am Ozzy, 2011
Ozzy Osbourne's wife Sharon says she's trying to turn the metal god's autobiography into a film, hopefully with Johnny Depp and "That lady from An Education" (Carey Mulligan) playing the happy couple.
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His Life, 2012
Matt Damon is set to play Robert F. Kennedy, based on the biography by Evan Thomas.
The Talking Cure, 2011
Viggo Mortenson will play Sigmund Freud to Michael Fassbender's Carl Jung in director David Cronenberg's look at their relationship and how it helped give rise to psychoanalysis.
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W.E., 2011
The Material Girl has co-written and plans to direct this film about Wallis Simpson, above, the woman for whom King Edward abdicated his throne, which also follows the love life of a fictional contemporary woman named Wally Winthrop.
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Hoover, 2012
Clint Eastwood is helming this film about notorious FBI director J. Edgar Hoover starring Leonardo DiCaprio, with a script from Dustin Lance Black (Milk).
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Untitled Cesar Chavez Project, 2012
Y Tu Mama Tambien co-stars Gael García Bernal and Diego Luna are producing a film about famed labor leader, with a script from Keir Pearson (Hotel Rwanda).
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