“Bourne Legacy” Drops First Pic, and Man Is It a Yawner

Just a couple of days after Jeremy Renner narrowly survived being hacked to bits by axe-wielding Thai bartenders, comes our first peek of the actor in "The Bourne Legacy."

Renner, who was in Thailand this week taking a break from shooting "Bourne," appears tightly coiffed and properly sullen in this debut image of him in the film, which ran in USA Today. With the film's release due Aug. 3, you would think that by now they'd have something for us with a little more sizzle, no?

"The Bourne Legacy," which is being written and directed by Tony Gilroy, who penned the previous "Bourne" films, "Michael Clayton" and "Duplicity," directing the latter two films. No one--with the possible exception of Doug Liman--is better qualified to direct this spin-off/sequel, which will pick up in the aftermath if the "Bourne" trilogy, with Aaron Cross (Renner) and friends still dealing with the Treadstone mess.

And Renner's turn in "Ghost Protocol" has feeling even better than before about his selection as the new face of the "Bourne" franchise, but we still can't shake our disappointment over that photo.

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