Can You Spot the Hidden Copperhead Snake in This Viral Photo?

Can you spot the hidden snake in this photo? Here’s a hint: It’s in the middle.

A photo of a perfectly camouflaged snake has social media users straining their eyes to spot the seemingly invisible predator among a bed of dead leaves and twigs.

The photo was snapped by Jerry Davis in Texas and reposted in a tweet shared thousands of times by @SssnakeySci saying: “no caption needed, the task is implied.”

For those who still couldn’t find it, the snake-studying Ph.D student showed baffled hunters where the lurking serpent was and identified it as a copperhead snake.

Copperheads snakes are one of the six poisonous reptiles found in Florida. The snake can grow to an average of 30 inches in length, and can be mistaken for young cottonmouths due to a similar appearance, according to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.

For more information on encountering and reporting snakes in Florida, click here.

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