Cat Deeley Reveals New “Think You Can Dance” Moves

As one TV dance competition with famous faces comes to a close, another begins with unknown hoofers looking for stardom, and Cat Deeley says the eighth season of “So You Think You Can Dance” kicks even higher than before.

“My big expectation is I want to see something different,” says host Deeley. “Every single year we raise the bar, and what the dancers are really kind of getting a grip with is that we need to see their personalities too, and we need to see something a little bit different.”

Deeley also looking forward to seeing an old friend back among the judging panel.

“The big major change in the judges this year is that Mary Murphy’s back, and to be perfectly honest, I can’t wait,” she says. “Mary has this enthusiasm that is completely infectious and she just puts a very positive spin on it. She doesn’t take any rubbish from Nigel and I think we kind of missed her a little bit on the panel.”

As SYTYCD’s seasons have unfolded, Deeley thinks the show’s gotten even sharper in identifying true dance pros of the future, be they on the path to becoming performers or choreographers.

“The one thing that we’ve now got quite good at is spotting that star quality, and it’s difficult sometimes because it’s kind of indefinable,” she says. “It’s that certain something special that means that you see somebody and for whatever reason, you can’t quite take your eyes off them and they hold you. That’s what we’re always searching for.”

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