Meet Charlie, the Perfect Skye Terrier That Just Won Best in Show at the 2015 National Dog Show

An annual canine tradition in Philadelphia took place on Thanksgiving with utmost gravitas. The holiday-season kickoff that doesn't involve football --the National Dog Show -- unfolded with breeds of all shapes and sizes parading before a discerning judge. A dog named Charlie emerged as the winner.

Charlie the Skye terrier was named Best in Show. Handler Larry Cornelius did the honors in helping Charlie put his best foot (or all four) forward.

The 4 1/2-year-old dog hails from Ocala, Fla., and he beat out 1,700 other dogs over the course of the competition to win the title. This is reportedly his 79th Best in Show title from a variety of tournaments overall.

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"He is in impeccable condition, hard-muscled with a beautiful coat. For his breed, he really shows personality," judge Elizabeth Sweigart described the 2015 champion.

The Skye terrier is a double-coated hunting dog that was reported to be an endangered breed in England after only 42 were registered there in 2013, according to The Kennel Club.

"At one stage every close would have a Skye terrier belonging to somebody," Gail Marshall, secretary of the Scottish branch of the Skye Terriers Club, told BBC News at the time.

"Queen Victoria had a kennel full of them and Mary, Queen of Scots had one under her skirt when she was beheaded."

Well, perhaps Charlie, who would do any hair metal band proud with his parted-down-the-middle shag, will help lead a revival in interest in the breed.

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