Profanity-Laced Facebook Video of Chicago Cops Sparks Investigation

According to state law, it is legal in Illinois to record police officers working in public regardless of their consent.

A video of a profanity-laden and tense interaction between a Chicago police officer and two young males last week has prompted an investigation into the cop’s actions.

The Civilian Office of Police Accountability said Monday it was looking into the situation after “numerous inquiries” about the video, which was posted on Facebook last Wednesday.

Police confirmed they received the video Monday and opened an investigation. 

“This kind of behavior is not what is expected of Department members and is in contrast to the hard work we have done and continue to do to rebuild trust with the communities we serve,” the department said in a statement.

The person who posted the video did not immediately respond to messages sent on Facebook requesting further details.

It is unclear what happened before one of the males in the video began filming the encounter, but one of the two officers in a squad car can be heard saying “I kill mother----ers,” before being asked if he attempted to hit the cameraman with his car. The officers are in uniform and the car is unmarked.

The officer then threatens to arrest the person recording the encounter “for walking in the street.”

After more profanities are exchanged by both parties, the officer driving the car parks his vehicle and begins walking between the two males, who say they’re going to the park, the video shows. The officer then tells the person recording the exchange that Illinois is a “two-party consent state” and that the cameraman does not have his permission to record him.

According to state law, it is legal in Illinois to record police officers working in public regardless of their consent.

“I’m recording myself, I’m on Snapchat,” the man with the phone responds.

The officer and the person recording the interaction then squabble over one another’s feet touching before the cop encourages the cameraman to call the officer’s sergeant.

The policeman tells the pair a last name and badge number after they point out he isn’t wearing an identification tag on his vest.

“I already said it, retard,” the officer says when asked about his identity again. He then reaches for the camera but does not get ahold of it. It appears the officer was trying to get the camera to record his badge.

“You touching my phone, whatchu doing?” the person recording asks.

The video then abruptly ends.

COPA asks that anyone with information about the incident call its office at 312-746-3609.

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