Chipotle Twitter Hacked, Obscenities Posted

Hackers apparently seized the Twitter account of popular fast-casual chain Chipotle Mexican Grill early Sunday morning, tweeting obscenities and replacing the brand's main icon with a swastika before the account was recovered, and the offensive tweets deleted, hours later.

"Our Twitter account was hijacked overnight for about two hours during which a series of offensive tweets was posted to the account," Chris Arnold, Chipolte's communication director, wrote NBC in an email. "We apologize for the nature of the posts that were made during that time, and we are now conducting an investigation to try to determine what happened and who might have been involved."

The first tweet indicating the account had been hacked was posted at 1:59 a.m. ET on Feb. 8th. Several subsequent tweets were posted, and included racial and homophobic slurs. The tweets targeted President Barack Obama and several government agencies.

The brand's bio tag was also changed to: "The official Twitter account of @TUGFeds and @TheCeltic666," two handles that reappeared in the tweets. The location was changed to "The Bharath Household."

By 3:13 a.m. ET, the swastika image had been replaced with a stock Twitter "egg" image, and the offensive tweets had been deleted.

Any attempt to access Chipotle's website during the hack were redirected to the Twitter page for @TheCeltic666. The account tweeted several ominous messages before the hack took place. At 7:10 p.m. ET on Saturday, the account tweeted, "Sorry, @ChipotleTweets!"

The popular fast-casual chain's other social media accounts, including its Facebook page and Instagram page, appeared to be unaffected early Sunday.

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