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The World Needs More ‘Intelligence Porn': Pam Anderson Responds to Comey Slam That WikiLeaks Isn't Journalism

FBI Director James Comey is condemning the secret-spilling website WikiLeaks and says he doesn't see its work as similar to journalism.

Comey said Wednesday he believes a large portion of WikiLeaks' work "has nothing to do with legitimate newsgathering." He likened what the website does to "intelligence porn."

The remark bought a swift response from Pamela Anderson, rumored to be involved with Wikileaks founder Julian Assange.

"This is what the world needs. More 'intelligence porn,'" she wrote.

Comey told senators at a hearing Wednesday that he believes WikiLeaks will push out information to damage the United States. But he said responsible journalists with sensitive information will approach the FBI before publication to make sure the news won't put people's lives in danger.

WikiLeaks last year published emails from Democratic email accounts that U.S. intelligence officials believe were hacked by Russia.

Assange tweeted in response that Comey misled the Senate when he said WikiLeaks doesn't inform the FBI it is about to publish sensitive information. Assange said on Twitter: "We did," about the records on CIA hacking tools, and "I know he knows it."

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