Coronado Crime Spree Suspect Sought

Coronado police are looking for a crime spree suspect in connection with a hit-and-run crash, break-ins and car theft

Police in the exclusive San Diego neighborhood of Coronado are looking for the suspect in a crime spree that included a hit-and-run crash and a strange man breaking into a home and cooking dinner.

The break-in was discovered after 9 p.m. on G Avenue, just a few blocks from Coronado beach and in the same part of town as the San Diego landmark Hotel del Coronado.

Officials said the resident reported finding the man cooking dinner in the kitchen. The person was able to chase the suspect off.

Then, police said they were called for an attempted break-in at another home one street southwest on Alameda Boulevard and to a vehicle on G Avenue.

Two hours later, a hit-and-run crash involving a stolen car was reported along B Avenue near 10th Street.

Officials said the driver fled the scene, jumping on the roof of a nearby building.

Coronado police believe the suspect in the hit-and-run stole the keys of the car from a home in the 800-block of B Avenue while the residents slept.

There was also an attempted burglary and attempted car theft on B Avenue reported the same evening.

Coronado police are asking for the public’s help to find the suspect in the hit-and-run believed to be connected to the other incidents in the crime spree. A witness described the man as in his late teens or early 20's, white or possibly Hispanic with light skin and dark hair and wearing torn blue jeans, no shirt and only one shoe.

Anyone with information can contact the Coronado Police Department at (619) 522-7350.

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