Cruz and Carson Meet Privately in South Carolina

After two weeks of accusations and apologies, Ted Cruz and Ben Carson secretly met one-on-one on Thursday night in Greenville, South Carolina to discuss the pair's strained relationship, NBC News reported.

But in a meeting that could have potentially settled Carson's continued frustration, the nearly half-hour meeting ended with little progress, according to an adviser with the Carson campaign.

"They agreed to disagree on the facts of what happened in Iowa," said Ryan Rhodes, an adviser to Carson who was outside of the meeting.

The Cruz campaign would only confirm that a "visit" took place in a tiny office near the stage in Greenville, where the pair was about to speak at the Conservative Review Forum on Thursday night.

The meeting took place amid much criticism toward Cruz after his campaign pushed out information on the night of Iowa caucuses that Carson was leaving the state early and some suggested he was dropping out of the race.

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