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DA: Landlord Accused of Killing 2 Tenants Handled Eviction ‘His Way'

Arnoldo Lozano-Sanchez, 78, is accused of shooting three live-in tenants, two of them fatally, after an argument over unpaid rent

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A Las Vegas homeowner accused of shooting three live-in tenants after an argument over unpaid rent told police he didn’t want to go through an eviction proceeding and wanted to handle things “his way," a prosecutor told a judge on Wednesday.

Arnoldo Lozano-Sanchez “made statements about the victims not paying rent and that he was certainly upset about it,” Chief Deputy District Attorney Tim Fattig said.

The prosecutor revealed that another tenant, a man, was in the house during the shooting but was not shot. The man was not identified by name.

That witness described for police Lozano-Sanchez going into a bedroom, a woman pleading for her life, multiple gunshots, and the man who was shot nine times emerging and running “for his life," Fattig said.

“He also saw the defendant exit that bedroom, smiling,” the prosecutor said.

The judge ordered the 78-year-old Lozano-Sanchez to remain jailed without bail on murder and attempted murder charges pending another court appearance next Monday.

Lozano-Sanchez was arrested early Tuesday at his small pink home after police found one woman dead outside, the man who had been shot nine times coming out the door and a woman dead in a bedroom.

The wounded man was hospitalized but is expected to survive, police said.

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