Daniel Day-Lewis In the Mix for Sherlock Holmes's Foe Professor Moriarty

Walking out of "Sherlock Holmes" last year, a viewer could be certain of two things: there would be a sequel and Professor Moriarty would be on the scene. Let the casting rumors begin!

Sure enough, a sequel was announced even before the original had completed its theatrical run. And now the rumors are swirling about the casting for Moriarty before Guy Ritchie and his team have finished the script.

When the first "Holmes" went into production, names like Pitt and Crowe were bandied about. Now it's Daniel Day-Lewis who is being mentioned by Super Hero Hype as a possibility. Of course they then go on to mention Sean Penn, Javier Bardem and Gary Oldman -- so at this point one of us might be up for the part.

Day-Lewis would of course be a natural for the part, having shown a gift for protraying evil in films like "There Will Be Blood " and "Gangs of New York," that few actors working today can match. And the idea watching him match wits with Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law is enough to make any movie fan and all of Provincetown swoon.

The newest Sherlock Holmes adventure hits theaters Dec. 16, 2011.

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