WATCH: Deer Bursts Through Window of New Jersey Frozen Yogurt Shop

Security video shows the deer struggling to gain its footing as it slipped around the store

A deer burst through the window of a frozen yogurt shop in New Jersey, causing $5,000 in damage as it slipped and slid around the store before it ran out, the owner says. 

The deer somehow broke into the front window of Peachwave Yogurt Store in Holmdel, N.J., on Oct. 14, according to the store's owner Alan Prachar. His daughter, Jen, was closing up at around 10 p.m. when she came face-to-face with it.

"I just didn't expect it to come through here," she said. 

Alan Prachar said the lights were being dimmed in the store and thinks that may be what attracted the unexpected visitor.

"Both the lights were off in the store and I think perhaps he saw his reflection in the window," he said. 

The bewildered animal proceeded to slide around on the floor as it went behind the counter and the dining area, knocking over chairs and furniture. An employee from a nearby business came to help, and the deer was shepherded out the emergency exit in the back.

"Luckily, I didn't think he was too hurt," said Jen Prachar. "Little cut, no limp." 

It wasn't immediately clear whether authorities were contacted after the deer ran out of the store.

Alan Prachar said insurance will foot the bill for damages caused by the deer. 

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