Dillon, Fraser, Macy & Robinson Getting “Freaky Deaky”

The work of Elmore Leonard has already been turned into more than a dozen films and three TV series. Next is his book about a group of ex-'60s radicals with a gift for bombmaking.

Matt Dillon, Brendan Fraser, William H. Macy and Craig Robinson are poised to join writer-director Charlie Matthau's adaptation of "Freaky Deaky," reported Deadline.

Here's Deadline's synopsis of the film:

Dillon plays Chris Mankowski, a Vietnam vet who is on the Detroit police bomb squad; Fraser plays Skip, the former 60s radical who becomes a Hollywood demolition guy; Macy (who signed on late last year) plays an alcoholic playboy millionaire who's threatened by Skip and his girlfriend that he'll have his mansion blown up if he doesn't pay $3 mlllion; and Robinson plays a former Black Panther also looking to cash in.

We're loving the Leonard-inspired "Justified," starring Timothy Oliphant, and "Out of Sight," starring George Clooney and Jennifer Lopez, is a classic, but the success rate of Leonard adaptations isn't nearly as high as his books.

And we're big fans of three of the four guys (we'll leave it to you to guess the odd man out) who are on board for this film, but none of them are the kind of guy who carries a film, so we're a little suspicious that Mattahu hasn't attracted bigger--if not necessarily better--talent. And Matthau's own track record as a director doesn't exactly inspire confidence.

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