Drew Barrymore & Justin Long “Exploit” Their “History” For “Going The Distance”

Drew Barrymore and Justin Long have dated in real life and fans will soon be able to watch them date on the big screen as a pair of new lovers trying to make it work despite the miles in "Going the Distance."

On Friday in Los Angeles, at the junket for their new film, the pair told Access Hollywood's Tony Potts that they drew from their own lives to play their characters – Erin and Garrett.

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"Everybody knows we have a history together and I just thought, 'Oh, you know what? Let's exploit it," Drew laughed of playing opposite Justin.

"There it is, 'Let's exploit it,'" Justin said, echoing Drew.

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"I just thought, God, we have like seen each other through highs and lows," she added.

"Yeah, we've nauseated our friends, why not nauseate America?" Justin laughed.

Drew said taking inspiration from their personal lives and personal relationship, helped them make the romantic comedy more believable.

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"He makes me laugh for real like this," Drew said, referring to Justin's "nauseate America" comment. "We've been through like, tough moments; I just thought maybe it would seem more genuine if you believed that the people were going through it as opposed to two actors acting it.

"We are actors and we are playing characters, but maybe there's, you know, some shred of the chemistry or the emotion or the joy that is really authentic and I though that was a very unique situation," Drew added.

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"Going the Distance" hits theaters on September 3. Check out Drew & Justin's interview on Access Hollywood this coming week.

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