This Weekend, Feel Like a Kid Again

Work week getting you down? Running the rat race wearing you out? You, my friend, need to have some fun. I'm not talking about the "get a beer after work, get rejected by a lady, spend too much money on taxis, go home alone" kind of fun. I'm talking about getting back to your roots, about awakening your inner child! I'm talking about feeling like a kid again! In celebration of our rerun, here are a few places that you might visit for an old fashioned good time!

Ah, go-karts! We all remember that time when we were too young to drive a real car, so the prospect of driving a miniature one was all the more appealing! This venue sponsors local charities, does corporate events, and simple, arrive and drive offerings.  
Lets get real, we've all dreamt of flying. The idea of soaring through the air, uninhibited by the laws of physics is one of the ultimate human aspirations. Well, now that dream can become a reality at the Trapeze School of New York! "Dedicated to making flying trapeze available to anyone who seeks inspiration, challenge, fitness, or just a couple hours of unique fun," TSNY will show you how to fly!
Tired of those jocks stepping all over your sand castle? After a lesson from the Sentinels of Sand, people will be too busy staring slack-jawed at your amazing creations to stomp. If you thought sand castles were just child's play, wait until you see what these sentinels are capable of!
Have you ever wanted to experience the cloak and dagger intrigue of a spy, but would prefer to not give up your identity? Now you can have the best of both worlds at the Spy Museum in DC. Learn all about the international world of mystery and deception that the general public never hears about. With interactive exhibits based on real-life missions, you'll never get closer to the shadowy world of an international spy.  
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