First “Man of Steel” Pic Begs the Question, Why Is It So Hard to Dress a Superhero in 2011?

The hair? The pleats? The chainmail?

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Warner Bros. has unveiled the first look at Henry Cavil from Zack Snyder's upcoming Man of Steel, and we're confused. When did Supes start using so much product in his hair? Around the same time he started coming it straight back? And what's up with the plasticky faux chainmail? The meticulously pleated cape? The dark, gray-ish blue? Ugh.
That chainmail effect has been a prevalent issue in costuming the heroes of 2011, an affliction that plagues Andrew Garfield in The Amazing Spider-Man, as well as...
Chris Hemsworth in Thor, in fact his whole suit looked like it came out of a high-end enough costume shop. And when a hero has a hat as iconic as Thor's why would he ever not wear it?
Michael Fassbender, James McAvoy and friends rocked these somewhat cheesy bodysuits, but they were an appropriate antecedent to what the X-Men would later wear.
Ryan Reynolds wore the worst outfit of the year, in what was the worst superhero saga of the year, Green Lantern. We can understand the idea behind the motion capture suit, but the follow through was unforgivable.
The most controversial costume of the year had to be Adrianne Palicki's Wonder Woman togs from the pilot that never even made it to air. People howled about how impossible it would be to fight crime in a bustier, but it this was actually a far more modest suit than the one worn by Linda Carter in the TV show of the '70s.
The only suit that really nailed it was Chris Evans' Captain America outfit, which actually looked like something awesome that the government would've cooked up in the '40s.
But the most elegant and understated has to be Mark Ruffalo's look in the teaser for The Avengers, with the purple dress shirt a nice nod to the pants The Hulk classically wore.
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