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Election Night For the Left: 2016 Flashback Turns to Celebration

"It’s funny, this is just about the time I started freaking out on Election Day 2016"

At the start of election night, when results first started dripping in, liberal twitter started to panic: Was this 2016 all over again?

In the end, the Democrats delivered a big win, swinging enough seats from Red to Blue to take control of the House of Representatives.

But for a few tense hours, it seemed like deja vu.

Writer Touré tweeted: "It’s funny, this is just about the time I started freaking out on Election Day 2016. And tonight there’s still not much to be happy about. Yet." 

That tone was set early by MSNBC pundit and former Clinton stragetist James Carville, who gave a dour prognosis on MSNBC while analyzing results in Florida, where Democrat Andrew Gillum lost the governor's race to Ron DeSantis and Bill Nelson lost to Rick Scott. 

The Blue Wave, Carville said, wasn't going to happen.

Twitter's response:

"James Carville just threw water on my parade."

"James Carville really stomped on my Democratic hopes & dreams. Stop talking to him msnbc."

As Republicans locked up key Senate seats, winning key races in Tennessee, North Dakota, Texas and more, the outlook appeared bleak for Democrats.

"I’m literally about to throw up."

But then a funny thing happened: A bunch of House races started to turn blue, just as the polls in the weeks leading up to the election predicted they would. 

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, 29,  elected to Congress representing New York. She's the youngest woman to be elected to the House. 

Kansas elected Sharice Davids, the first lesbian Native American woman elected to Congress. 

First-time candidate Donna Shalala, 77, was elected to Congress in Florida, turning the 27th Congressional district blue after decades under Republican control. 

Kendra Horn is the first Democrat to win a Congressional seat in Oklahoma's 5th district in four decades.

And once again, James Carville set the tone.

"I can breathe again. James Carville is smiling."

"My mood is totally dictated by @JamesCarville. If he’s sad I’m sad. If he’s smiling, so am I."

See more reaction to the election results alluding to a flashback to 2016 as seen on Twitter. 

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