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‘Flood Rat' Struggles to Navigate Rushing Floodwater in Subway, Video Shows

"Man, I can't believe you have me feeling sorry for a rat"

What to Know

  • Video of a rat struggling to hold on to a subway column amid rushing floodwaters during Tuesday's storms is getting sympathy
  • Reddit user JacksonCheeseburger said he took the video of the flailing rat on the downtown 6 train platform of the 23rd Street station
  • Subway stations across the city saw flooding and related problems during the storms

It's a rare day when a city rat can capture the sympathy of New Yorkers, but perhaps exceptions are made for one helpless, rain-soaked rodent struggling to navigate rushing floodwaters in the subway Tuesday.

A subway rider had just gotten off the downtown 6 train at 23rd Street Tuesday afternoon when he spotted the soaked rat clinging to the bottom of a pillar as storm waters surged past him, he told News 4. The entire platform was covered in inches of rushing rain water. 

Subway stations saw flash flooding as the remnants of Florence traveled through, bringing thunder and downpours. Checkey Beckford reports.

The rider posted video of so-called Flood Rat on Reddit, showing it standing pressed against the subway column, its back feet and tail submerged in rainwater as it looked forlornly in the distance. 

The video drew unexpectedly sympathetic responses. 

"I feel bad for him. He looks so scared," said one commenter.

Drivers were stranded in Queens Tuesday after heavy rains hit New York, causing surface flooding. Lori Bordonaro reports.

"Why wouldn't you feel bad for a sentient being having a rough day?" said another. "It's just a matter of time before we're all hiding behind subway columns seeking refuge from a flood." 

"Man, I can't believe you have me feeling sorry for a rat," remarked another. 

Subway stations across the city saw flash flooding as the remnants of Florence traveled through the tri-state, bringing booming thunder and sudden downpours Tuesday. Riders were seen wading in ankle-deep water at some stations, and service was altered briefly on some lines because of water entering stations. 

Skies were expected to clear in time for the morning commute Wednesday. 

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