Foolish Robbers: Cash Eater, ID Dupe and Pantsless Pilferer

A robbery at a Brooklyn bodega involving a man whose pants fell down was the latest of several recent poorly executed criminal raids across the country. 

Police are still looking for the man who entered a store at Brooklyn's Bushwick neighborhood smoking a cigarette. The manager asked him to leave. That's when he approached the counter and jumped over it.

Surveillance video captured the man's pants falling down as he grabbed for cash. The robbery suspect ran away with the loot while holding his pants up.

In another case, a would-be bank robber in New Jersey was scared off by a teller who asked him for identification.

The man entered a Santander Bank in Jackson Township on March 5 and handed a note to a teller asking for money. The plan fell apart.

"When the teller told the male, who was wearing a gray, hooded sweatshirt, to remove the hood and also asked for identification, the male claimed he did not have any and then left the bank,” Lt. Steven Laskiewicz told the Asbury Park Press.

In a different case on March 5, police said a Florida man stole his girlfriend's wallet containing $750 cash then ate some of it while on his way to jail.

Leosvel Cordova Parrado was intoxicated and angry and demanded he and his girlfriend go home from a party. After arriving at their home, Parrado stole his girlfriend's wallet, police said.

Police later arrested Parrado and said they found cash and a valium pill in his pocket that he did not have a prescription for.

During the ride to jail, a deputy noticed a strange sound in his backseat and saw Parrado chewing on a mouth full of cash, authorities said. The deputy pulled over and tried to save some of the cash but only $277 was recovered from the $750 that his girlfriend said he stole.

Parrado was charged with robbery, battery, grand theft, resisting arrest, possession of a controlled substance and tampering with evidence.

And in February in San Diego, one not-so-brilliant burglar left his cell phone at the scene of the crime, and on the phone, his "selfie," which led police straight to him.

According to the Chula Vista Police Department, Adam Howe, 26, broke into a building and an RV at the Hilltop Tabernacle Church. Police said Howe allegedly made off with $10,000 worth of stolen items, including cash and a laptop computer from the building, as well as several purses and watches from the RV.

However, Howe accidentally left his phone behind, and after police examined it and the selfie, one detective recognized the location in the background of the photo and went there to speak to witnesses. Some witnesses recognized the selfie suspect and told the detective of other areas frequented by Howe.

A day later the detective located Howe, who matched the photo, at Harborside Park in Chula Vista – about five minutes away from the church that was burglarized.

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