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Founder of NFL-Supported Chicago Charity Apologizes For Cutting Dreadlocks

A Twitter user dug up the posts, which quickly gained traction

The head of a Chicago charity that has been awarded $200,000 by the NFL’s new social activism initiative is apologizing for her social media posts from 2016 that show her cutting the dreadlocks of two teen boys.

A Twitter user dug up the posts, which quickly gained traction this week. Many online deemed the posts insensitive.

Sally Hazelgrove, founder of the Crushers Club in Englewood, said she understands.

“I am sorry about the insensitivity of my social media posts,” she said.  “I did not have any type of agenda. He asked me to cut his hair. I cut it just like when the kids ask me to do anything. We’re a family here.”

Kobe Richardson, who appeared in one of the Twitter posts, confirms that he asked Hazelgrove to cut his hair and that he knew the photo would be posted to social media three years ago.

“People just on the outside looking in and it's just a whole big misunderstanding,” Richardson said. 

Richardson said he credits Hazelgrove for helping to turn around his life. He now helps teach boxing at Crushers Club and also serves as a mentor to young members.

“I have grown up to be the young man that I always wanted to be being here and being a leader and helping kids," Richardson said. “That's something I wanted to do.”

A spokesperson for the NFL declined to comment.

Hazelgrove said the hardest part has been seeing anything affect the members of the Crushers Club as well as her own children, who are bi-racial.

“I guess what I just want everyone to know is that I just have nothing but love in my heart and a desire to make the world fairer for all these children and young men in Englewood and across the States, to be honest,” Hazelgrove said.

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