Franco and Stiller On Board for Baumbach's “While We're Young”

James Franco and Ben Stiller, both coming off some of the best reviews of their respective careers, are teaming up for a cross-generational comedy.

Franco and Stiller will co-star in "While We're Young," a new film being prepped by Noah Baumbach, reported Vulture.

Set in Brooklyn, the comedy will be about a twenty-something couple--Franco and possibly Greta Gerwig--that forces a buttoned-down documentarian, Stiller, and his wife, possibly Cate Blanchett, to lighten up.

Word is that the role of Stiller's wife was originally intended for Jennifer Jason Leigh, but that her having recently filed for divorce from Baumbach has forced him to consider other options, like Blanchett.

Franco can currently be seen sawing off his own arm in "127 Hours," while Stiller's "Little Fockers" drops Dec. 22--if the thought of watching it is just too depressing, maybe you can find "Greenberg" at your local second-run theater.

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