Oscars Open With Great Montage, Wins for “Alice in Wonderland” & “Inception”

This year’s show opened with a refreshingly funny video short starring hosts Anne Hathaway and James Franco in scenes from the year’s 10 Best Picture nominees as they went into Alec Baldwin's dreams to get some tips on how to host the Oscars.

"If this were my dream, I'd be hosting the Oscars again," Baldwin told the interlopers, before asking Morgan Freeman, his dream narrator, "Who were those people?"

"I have no idea."

Our hosts for the evening then came out to a standing ovation, segueing into the typical Oscar host stand-up patter, though it was markedly better than recent years, as the two kept things loose.

"It used to be, If you get naked, you get nominated," stomped a beleaguered Hathaway.

The pair each called out to their mothers who were in the audience, with Hathaway's mom telling her, "Stand up straight--Mr. Steven Spielberg is here."

Franco then called out his grandmother, who purred, "I just saw Marky Mark…"

Next, two-time Best Actor winner was introduced to present the Oscar for Best Art Direction to production designer Robert Stromberg and set decorator Karen O'Hara for "Alice in Wonderland," which was quickly followed by Wally Pfister (stop giggling) winning Best Cinematographer for "Inception."

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