Holiday 2015: Top 12 Holiday Toys

Lightsabers, talking plush toys and robots make up this year's lineup of hot toys every kid would love to get for the holidays. Click through to see the top 12 toys dominating store shelves and kids' wish lists alike.

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Thinkway Toys/Hasbro
A “Despicable Me” plush toy and the BB-8 droid.
The BB-8 droid that will be making an appearance in "Star Wars: The Force Awakens," is controlled through an iPhone or iPad and reacts to voice command. Price: $149.99.
The lightsaber is an essential item to have for the series' enthusiasts. It lights up and creates sounds from the movie to simulate the thrill of sword-dueling between Jedi masters and Sith overlords. Price: $54.99.
This battery powered Glider Board is the newest form of urban transportation. The "hoverboard" allows you to travel over six miles an hour. It's controlled with your feet as you move around and can climb up a 30-degree slope. Price: $499.
Thinkway Toys
At 16" tall, Jumbo Talking Minion - Dave is a plush toy that with a squeeze on his tummy can say up to 15 sayings in the original voice from the movie "Despicable Me." Price: $39.99.
You can record high definition video from U818A drone and perform 360-degree tricks at the touch of a button. Price: $50.06.
The children of characters from memorable Disney movies in a newly released film "Descendants," are now available as figurines for collecting and play time. Mal and Evie, who are the daughters of Maleficent and the Evil Queen from "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs," are two collectible toys from the movie. Price: $19.99.
With six arrows loaded into a rotating quiver, Arrow Revolution Bow Blaster can launch bright colored arrows with round tips whizzing at will. Price: $39.99.
The monster dinosaur from "Jurassic World" is Zoomer's follow-up to the successful Dino model from last year. This pale colored dinosaur makes sounds from the movie and can be programmed to roam your household freely. The toy costs $91.87 and is for children ages five and up.
Just Play Products
The release of the new "Peanuts" movie has all kids excited again about the most famous animated dog of all time, Snoopy. This plush toy moves to the tune of "Linus and Lucy," or the well-known "Peanuts" song. Price: $24.99.
Crayola's Easy Animation Studio is the perfect gift for young animators. With a poseable mannequin and a free downloadable app, young artists can make stop-motion scenes using the kit. Price: $19.99.
The lab kit from the internet show "Project Mc2" is the perfect gift for the young scientist in your family. The kit comes with a working 4x microscope and all the tools for a lab setting. It costs $39.99 and is for children five and up.
Lego "Dimensions" is a video game made for all major video game consoles and features characters like Batman, Gandalf and Emmit Brown from the movie "Back to the Future." To play the game, figurines are placed on a pad connected to the system and are then represented in the virtual world. Price: $99.99.
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