Girl Who Shaved Head to Support Friend with Cancer Allowed to Return to School

A gesture of solidarity got a young Colorado girl banned from her school.

Kamryn Renfro, a student at Caprock Academy in Grand Junction, shaved her head to support her 11-year-old friend who's battling cancer and going through chemotherapy.

But when Kamryn tried to go back to school this week, she was not allowed in.

It turns out that having a shaved head is a violation of the school's dress code policy.

“I’m sad, because she was really happy to go back to school and show people what she did,” said Delaney Clements, Kamryn’s friend, who was diagnosed with neuroblastoma in 2010.

“For a little girl to be really brave and want to shave her head in support of her friend, I thought that was a huge statement,” said Wendy Campbell, Delaney’s mother.

The school decided it is willing to make exceptions to the rule given the circumstances, though, and has told Kamryn she will be allowed to return to school.

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