Hemet Girl Credited With Saving Pregnant Mom’s Life Before Mother’s Day

A quick-thinking 6-year-old Southern California girl was being credited with saving her pregnant mother's life the day before Mother's Day by calling 911 when the woman apparently went into a diabetic coma.

When Jovanna Nunez became unresponsive Saturday morning, her daughter Madison contacted her grandparents in Japan for help, and was then instructed to call authorities.

"I called 911," Madison said.

The girl still had the phone in her hand when first-responders arrived.

"We pull up in front of the home and the little girl comes out with her iPhone in her hand and said that she was speaking to her mom and her mom became frozen," Hemet paramedic Chris Galletta said.

"I think it's great, right before Mother's Day, too," he added. "When her mom came to, we told her that she called 911 for her mom and mom had a big smile on her face."

The mother was in good spirits after being treated at the hospital for low blood sugar.

"For Mother's Day I'm going to be pretty much cherishing her," Nunez said. "She saved my life."

Before leaving the hospital, Madison learned that she was going to be a big sister.

"She was just so excited, she had the biggest smile on her face," the mother said.

Madison said she was grateful to have her mom on Mother's day.

"I actually made three presents: I made a picture, a necklace and I gave her a stuffed animal," Madison said.

But it's the gift of life that brings Nunez to tears.

"She is my hero," the mother said.

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