Here's What the World Was Like Last Time Apple Took a Dip

This was also the year Steve Jobs launched iTunes

As Apple — the most valuable company in the (known) universe — reports a dip in revenue for the first time in 13 years, we take a look at the way the world was back in 2003, the last time the tech trailblazers posted an earnings decline.

2003 was a year to remember: Saddam Hussein was captured by U.S. special forces, Sen. Hillary Clinton released her memoirs, Kate Middleton started dating Prince William, and Illinois State Senator Barack Obama was mistaken for a waiter, NBC News reported.

Apple was changing the music industry

This was also the year Steve Jobs launched iTunes, after spending 12 months negotiating with record labels to strike a deal. The store quickly became the world's largest (legal) music retailer.

Apple also introduced its third-generation iPod, the fastest-selling music player in history, snatching up 86 percent of the mp3 market share and selling 2 million iPods by year end.

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