Eric Hinton

Hold That Pose! Mannequin Challenge Latest Internet Craze to Go Viral

The newest craze requires you to do nothing at all.

Remember the Harlem Shake? How about the Ice Bucket Challenge?

Well the latest Internet craze doesn't require you to dance or get all wet. In fact all you have to do is just... freeze.

It's called the Mannequin Challenge. The phenomenon itself is apparently first popped up in October. Many media reports credit high school students at the Edward H. White High School in Jacksonville, Florida as originating the challenge. It simply requires participants to hold a frozen pose while the song "Black Beatles" by hip hop duo Rae Sremmurd's new song plays in the background. 

In recent weeks the phenomenon has spread from high school students to celebrities like Kevin Hart to professional sports teams like the New York Giants and the Milwaukee Bucks.

Even the "Today" show crew held a pose Monday morning during the broadcast.

But..didn't Madonna do this way back in 1990? Vogue anyone? 

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