If J.J. Abrams Needs More Time for “Star Trek,” Just Give It to Him

For two of the past three summers, J.J. Abrams has delivered one of the best blockbusters of the year, so if the man's gonna miss the deadline on "Star Trek 2," so be it.

"I would say it's not an impossibility to do it, but the studio agrees the most important thing is that the movie be good," Abrams told MTV . "No one wants to make something that makes its date but isn't necessarily worth your time. I want to make sure that whatever we do and whenever it comes out that it's something that people will have a great time watching."

Abrams' first "Star Trek" gave life to a long moribund franchise and made stars of Chris's Pine and Hemsworth, and this summer's "Super 8" brilliantly recaptured the Spielbergian magic of our youth. So there's absolutely zero reason Paramount or anyone to push this guy.

"Star Trek 2" might be here June 29, 2012, or it might night.

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