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'It Was a Freak Accident': Juror in SF Pier Shooting Trial Speaks Out

A member of the jury in the Kate Steinle murder trial said the prosecution failed to prove that Jose Ines Garcia Zarate intentionally killed the 32-year-old woman and believes the evidence showed that shooting was a "freak accident."

In an exclusive interview with NBC Bay Area, the juror, who did not wish to be identified, talked about the panel's decision to acquit the undocumented Mexican national.

He said the backlash from critics — including President Donald Trump — who have pointed to the case as evidence of the need for tougher immigration policies, propelled him to speak out.

"If I was not a juror on this trial, I would probably think the same way: 'Why did you let him go free?'" said the juror. "But again, the reason is, they could not prove to us that he intentionally killed her. And through all the evidence, I really think that it was a freak accident."

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